Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Gosh! It has been like ages since i last updated my blog. Schedule has been pretty hectic lately with all the classes that are going on and events popping up here and there. I must say it's kinda tiring at times when you don't even have time to catch your breath! But with the support of my friends and my babe, it really helps! Thank you! So yea, since it has been ages i'll just blog about what happened last night. Tha Band finally came back after the beach bash to perform at the Merdeka Youth Jam at Time Square last night. This time, the band had 2 new addition. Dexter and Melvin. Dexter was on the accoustic as he was taking over the place of Kevin since he wasn't able to make it and Melvin is our new keyboardist! It is the band's first time playing with a keyboardist and we weren't too sure about what songs to choose that fits the keyboard. We got the news from Jazz pretty late. So, we had to do the songs we did previously with a little bit of changes and try not to make it as complicated as there is not much time to play around with. We finally chose "Check Yes Juliet" as we found the intro and the song was good and it suits the mood too. Second song choice was "This Love/Won't Go Home Without You" as we find the arrangement unique. The third song was a new song that everyone had to learn. It was "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw. I love the songs! Especially Check Yes Juliet! Just can't get enough of that song! and now my babe is addicted to it too! lol... I had to work in the morning and headed over to Viv's place to fetch her after that. Was suppose to head over to UPR for the Street Market but due to time constrain we were unable to make it. We headed over to a studio located at Farlim and our band started practicing. Everything went well...Jay,Mel,Dex and Ariff headed back to work as Viv,myself and Ben headed over to Time Square to check out the Equipments prepared for us. It was then 7pm. Myself and babe headed over to the Ramadhan Market to "buka puasa"! You should see her face when she saw all of her favourite food!!! Happy to see her happy! :D So we had to wait for the muslims to buka only we were able to do so. But it was a good experience for us. It was then 8pm. Another 2 more hours and it would then be our turn! The others are still yet to arrive and during that time, i'm already starting to feel nervous and scared at the same time! There were alot of good bands present! Oceans of Fire were the main band that are most talked about by other bands! 8.30. and the members arrived. Had our band briefing and chilled out for awhile. Went to spend some time with my babe as i didn't get to spend much time with her as i was busy preparing for the performance. The next thing you know. It's already 10pm! We were telling each other, after them it's gonna be us! We were starting to feel it! The pressure! Butterflies in our stomachs! Darn! And the MC's announced our band name! THA BAND!!! (By the way the MC's were Bill and Yugen)We went out and started off our first song. Nobody knew the intro we were playing. Guess in their minds they're thinking "It's gonna be another boring performance". and the tune of Check Yes Juliet came in! The crowd cheered! They started singing to the song! That made us felt great! SEMANGAT MAN!!! The next thing you know, we were already at our last number! Time really flies when you're having fun on stage! So yea, it was the end. But then the crowd started cheering "One More! One More!" We looked at the MC's and wonder if we could. MC's said, go ahead! SWEET! We had to discuss among ourselves as we did not prepare any back up song! We didn't expect the crowd to ask for more. So we decided to do "I'm Yours" and the crowd enjoyed it! Overall it was an AWESOME performance! AWESOME crowd! AWESOME lightings! AWESOME songs! AWESOME SUPPORT! and last but not least! AWESOME BAND MEMBERS! Would like to thank JAY a.k.a MAESTRO, BENJI, MELVIN, DEXTER, ARIFF and GIAP SENG for making this happen! Had an AWESOME night! Finally, we stayed back for the countdown as we chilled at Roti Bakar to celebrate a great performance and fetched Viv home after that! It was an AWESOME night i must say! Guess that's it for now! Till Then! Tchao!
MC's For The Night.
3 Blacks 1 White!
Ramadhan Market
Part Of The Food We Ordered
With The Lovely!
Kelvin Yeang Showing Off Some Skills!
Yours Truly In Action!
Check Yes Juliet!
With Jay The Maestro!
This Love/Won't Go Home Without You
Getting The Crowd To Sing Along!
Jay's Baby And His AllSpark!
Being Crazy!
Cucuk Ariff!
Bouncer / Keyboardist / Bassist

Monday, August 10, 2009


Holidays are almost over. Am currently at Starbucks with Viv! The only way for me to go online nowadays! Been pretty busy with work. Running here and there. Apart from that, i've also got to spend time with loved ones and friends. Been out with Matt and Jay often. Hanging here and there. Out for movies with Viv and makan makan and more makan! :P Just had a farewell for our beloved Ruby! She's leaving!!! Gosh! Classes are starting soon! Am pretty much looking foward to the new sem and can't wait to see what is in store for me! Am enjoying every single moment of my hols! Till then! Tchao!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A time to feel so disabled with so many things. Things that you can't achieve and you can't afford to carry out. You're just stuck, hanged and caught in between. Not being able to move your body right or left. It's really tough! But i thank you! for going through this stage with me! For being there with me! For being by my side every now and then! Thank you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Something that just got me thinking and got me asking myself. Why do some people always judge a book by it's cover? We comment, gossip and talk behind peoples back. Why? Is it human nature? Nobody is perfect. After all, we're only human beings. We're no GOD! So why still carry on being this way? Sometimes it's just sad. I admit, i do these kind of things too sometimes and i'm not proud of it. Why not for once be nice? Take the time to know people more and give people a chance? Everyone deserves a chance! It is so much better than being a bad person! :P

P/S: I'm not emo. It's just a random note. A topic we talked about that got me thinking. :)

Till then, Tchao!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Am finally back from my blog break. It has been a pretty busy week for me. Ups and downs. Things that people do to tick me off and so on. Work has been pretty much occupying my time for the past few weeks. With tons of projects coming in and plenty of space to fill. Starting work tomorrow with my team and am currently cracking my head to find a replacement as one of the promoter couldn't make it last minute. Guess it's back to work. Till then. Tchao!

Friday, June 12, 2009


It's 3am now. Still awake. Not being able to sleep. INSOMNIA! As i said before. Not being myself. Not the happy me anymore! everything seems to be going the wrong directions now. Nobody knows how i feel. Being alone. Thinking more and more. Asking myself why? How come? What's going on? Praying to GOD. But there seems to be no answer. Things just happens. How fast things can change. Answers change. Reactions change. Emotions change. Things going from positive to negative. Wow! Anything and Everything can change within seconds! The move i'm making isn't the right one anymore. I'm just bad at this.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2nd Half of 110609

So here comes 2nd half of today. Morning just wans't my day. The second was so so i guess. Ups and downs. Was happy for certain reasons and not so with some others. oh well... Guess that's how it goes from now on. Wish it'd be better. All i can do now is to keep on appologizing. Which i think is not much of a help right now. Guess that's about it! "Looking foward" for another sleepless night! Till then, Tchao!